International Fair of Graphic and Paper Industry GRAFIMA has been held continuously once a year since 1979..
By the number and business rating of the exhibitors and other attendees, but also by the visit and business deals contracted subsequently during the event itself or related to the event. Grafima has no competition in this part of Europe. Under the slogan ‘More Colors’, this is the meeting point of all experts operating related to the graphic industry in the widest sense of this term and the real reference venue for the international product and exhibitor featuring at Serbian market.
The most of this event business associates arrives from the graphic and advertising industry, printed media, design, publishing, music and film industry, radio and television branch from Serbia and abroad. (about ten countries from the wider region and Europe).
GRAFIMA features products, services, technical and technological achievements in the key sections of this outstanding expansive economic branch.
- Prepress (devices for data entry, processing and forwarding, machinery and equipment for manufacturing of the printing form for various printing techniques, prepress program packages, equipment for the test print production…)
- Printing (conventional technique printing machinery, flat offset printing, screen printing, flexible printing, pad printing, digital printing machinery, small format digital printing, large format digital printing ….)
- Postpress (book binding postpress machinery and equipment, packaging postpress machinery and equipment, paper processing machinery and equipment…)
- Spare part components
- Used graphic machinery
- Control and measurement devices and equipment
- Waste material recycling machinery and equipment
- Paper, cardboard, corrugated adhered cardboard and self-adhesive
- Inks, varnishes, adhesives
- Graphic industry chemicals
- Book binding materials
- Books, brochures, newspapers and magazines
- Leaflets, catalogues, labels, advertising materials
- Art reproductions
- Paper and cardboard packaging products
- Paper goods and cleaning products
- Securities
Printing companies, machinery, equipment and component manufacturers, importers, exporters and distributers, design studios, production material, paper and used machine importers attend the fair event as exhibitors, presenters, service providers or in any other way.
The exhibiting range of  Grafima is regularly enriched by the side event program, exhibitions and trade conferences: trade lectures, new technology and accomplishment presentations, all with the traditional presence and support of the associations, educational and trade organizations, first of all Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, i.e. its Graphic Industry Group, Academic institutions, etc. The visitors have also got at their disposal a great fund of trade literature and publications.
The Grafima and Belgrade Fair professional jury awards to the best graphic products in various categories, i.e. commodity groups the already traditional prizes – the Golden, Silver and Bronze Stamp.
The International IT and Office Equipment Fair Biro-Expo,  is traditionally held at the same time as the Grafima and thematically focused on office business (from office furniture and machines and accessories, through stationery, business and decoration goods, to the photo products, etc).
Grafima offers the exhibitors and business visitors another facilitation – THE ADVANCED PROMOTION PACKAGE, which understands:  
1. The offer / commodity group data of each exhibitor from the catalogue of the events Grafima and Biro-Expo) at the business B2B Internet portal – Grafima Fair Website - http://grafima2016.talkb2b.net/.  The exhibitors, but also business visitors may add their profiles by demand/supply, after their registration at the B2B portal.
2. The announcing Internet news on the applied exhibitors’ innovations please find at the  official Facebook page of the Grafima event as well as the Belgrade Fair company’s Facebook page .
Grafima is followed by a wide media support, professional and general audience.

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